Hyde Cup Hockey Tournament

Each March, the Hyde Cup Tournament brings community members of every skill level together for a fun week of hockey. For almost 20 years, the tournament's unique game rules and friendly atmosphere have made it one of the largest winter attractions to Jackson Arena.

For inexperienced hockey players the Hyde Cup is especially inviting because the rules turn beginners into the biggest asset on the team. Scoring double points for every goal, skaters in lower level brackets are highest in demand! Come demonstrate your hockey skills (or lack there of) while playing the greatest game on earth! Backchecking, passing, smooth line changes, defensive zone coverage and scoring are all optional. Points are awarded to each team by winning periods, scoring goals, finishing with wins or ties and defending shut-outs. There is no telling which co-ed team will come out on top!

HOW TO REGISTER:  participants can register in-person at the David Gale Recreation Center or the Stowe Arena or by mailing in the Registration Form below:

Click HERE for Registration Form

AGE:   18+yrs
DATE:   March 18 - 23, 2014
TIME:   Varies
LOCATION:   Stowe Arena - How do I get there?
ADMIT/RATE:   $95 player/goalie 

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